Design. Build. Check. Refleqt!

Quality Assurance

The cost to fix a bug drastically increases the later you find it during the software development process. To prevent this, we work closely together with you, guaranteeing the quality of all deliverables during the project lifecycle. In doing so, we not only verify the functionalities of your software, we also validate your end-to-end business processes.



To quickly pick up and understand the full functionality of any software under construction. We strongly believe that our QA-team can’t be involved early enough during the development lifecycle.


To maximize the efficiency of the development team and to speed up the feedback process, our QA-team relies on effective usage of automation to cover regression testing on different levels.


Speed and reliability are two major factors that really matter. Our QA-team has the right tools and knowledge to identify and fix possible performance issues over a variety of platforms.

Reference cases

PLOY by Randstad

This smart app matches job seekers and employers in hospitality. By using Ploy, all legal formalities are handled automatically. It creates a community between companies and job seekers.

During the creation of the Ploy platform, our QA team was involved from the very beginning. In the earliest stages, we assisted with the analysis, identifying conflicting requirements, spotting functional gaps and built up a thorough understanding of the platform.

By building an extensive set of automated test suites on different levels of the application, we were able to roll out Ploy in an international context with a high level of confidence.

With the usage of tools such as Ready! API and Swagger Codegen, our QA-engineers validated the business logic of Ploy on the service level. By executing these test cases on a CI/CD server, we provided daily feedback about the quality towards all involved parties.

Beside that, our team created a set of front-end tests that validated the functionalities of the native iOS & Android apps, the public Drupal-based website and the administrator website. By combining all these different components, we could easily create complete end-to-end cases.



Apache JMeter
Ready API
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