Enabling teams to continuously deliver qualitative software

Together with your development team, we test your software thoroughly so that it definitely does what it should.


  • Cost reduction through test automation.
  • Support for your development team from analysis to production.
  • Ongoing feedback reports as an asset for optimization.
  • The power behind rapid response.
  • The way around big bang releases for new software.

Protecting the functionality of your application requires constant testing. This cannot be sustained manually unless you are okay with an IT department with more testers than developers.

What we do?

We verify custom written software. We do this in both functional and nonfunctional areas. We relate IT to business. Through functional analysis we look at what the software must be able to do. Based on this, we know how and in which way we will check the technical part.

  • We become part of your development team throughout the set-up of your custom software.
  • We join the queue to test or audit an existing framework.

How we do what we do.

Test automation

Manual testing costs a lot of effort and money – enter test automation. In order to check if an application is effective, we need to understand the functional but also the non-functional requirements. And so we embed ourselves in your team.

Open source

We aim for Open Source to avoid expensive tooling and licenses. This means that we are completely independent from software parties and that we always advise objectively. In addition, we do not adhere to any particular strategy and we go along with the customer’s story.


Our team consists of software test automation experts with great empathy. As a result, they can empathize with new domains so that the necessary capabilities of your application are clear. Plus, they can plug in at any time.

As soon as there is something to test, we start.


For whom?

Dear developer, we are your friend.

One mistake can have an enormous impact. So the pressure of the people in your development department is great. We reduce that pressure by acting as a safety net. We report errors and share knowledge about issues seen elsewhere. This leads to faster production and delivery of a project.

Business and IT, a match made in daily life.

Business owners have the Make It Happen mentality. Which software needs to be set up where or how, ends up in the IT manager’s tray. Together we look at the necessary steps, carry out an audit (when necessary) and look at what needs to be optimized to achieve functional progress.

Developers come – developers go. Non-functional knowledge remains.

It often happens that knowledge about your custom-built application gets lost due to adjustments in your development team. We ensure that the application remains automatically tested so that new team members can also quickly pick up on the provided information. We ensure that your organization is always up to date with how your software is built.

The mantras of Refleqt

  • First-time right, if you miss, you lose your competitive advantage
  • End users of the application are placed centrally
  • Crystal view during the development process, which continues to challenge the development team
  • Landscape of tailor-made software for technically complex environments
  • Bridge between business & IT

Business experts on one side, developers on the other and Refleqt in between.


Become a Refleqtor

We are always looking for people who are translators between business and IT. Software testing is not a subject you can study at school. Don’t worry, we teach it to you.
A high technical affinity is a requirement.

Discover how to become very good at what we do.

  • No experience but affinity with development and IT? No problem.
  • Development experience but no testing skills? No problem.
  • Testing skills but missing development experience? Guess what, no problem.