An interview about QA

How Do We Ensure the Quality of Your Software?


Refleqt was featured on “Alle zaken op een rijtje” on Kanaal Z, the Belgian television channel specializing in economic reporting. We discussed the unique services that Refleqt provides to a wide range of business sectors, including e-commerce, automotive, banking, insurance, and even the pharmaceutical sector.

Since most sectors face specific challenges in the field of quality assurance (QA), our goal is to identify bottlenecks and provide our clients with the necessary tools to address both QA and software-related challenges. In doing so, we aim to enhance end-user satisfaction, improve operational efficiency, and minimize risks.

Everyone desires reliable, efficient, and error-free software, but the journey is not always straightforward. It’s a path filled with updates, bugs, and synchronization errors that can create bumps along the way. So, what do you do when faced with such a challenging journey? You seek experienced guidance. Our QA experts and functional analysts act as reliable guides with years of experience in the QA landscape. Let’s outline why it’s crucial to prioritize QA during your software development journey

First-time right principle

From the outset of software development, we strive for the highest possible level of quality. This is essential because there is a significant difference between a 3 out of 5 rating in an app store and a 4 out of 5 rating. Consider it as a first impression: your app’s rating shapes users’ initial perception of your software application. And you only get one chance to make a good first impression.

That’s why we ensure that the quality of your software applications stands out from the very beginning. To achieve this, we engage our functional analysts. They collaborate with the client to establish a clear understanding of the software’s required functionalities. Subsequently, we assist in creating a plan to achieve your goals, including determining which tests are necessary to continually ensure software quality.

Putting the End User First

Today, there is a wide range of applications available, leading end users to be more critical of their applications’ quality. They expect user-friendly, intuitive, and secure software developments. That’s why, in test automation, we consistently place the end user at the center of our focus. We employ automation tools and scripts to test various interactions with the software. This allows us to quickly identify errors and bugs in the development process, proactively addressing these challenges. The result: a seamless user experience that enhances user satisfaction.

Reducing Costs, Time, and Risks

Less development time translates to lower costs. Reduced manual testing leads to fewer human errors. That’s why test automation is a valuable tool to implement from the outset of your development process. By detecting bugs in your systems early on, you benefit from cost savings, as a bug known at the beginning of software development is less costly and effort-intensive to resolve than one discovered at the software’s release.

An Independent Testing Team

We operate according to the 4-eyes principle, as our QA experts can see more with four eyes than with two. An additional benefit is that our testers are independent, meaning they assess the software application without bias. This results in an objective evaluation of the software application, ensuring that flaws do not go unnoticed.

Our QA approach

We believe in a consistent approach. Every QA project commences with an initial consultation. All our cases are unique, and there are no one-size-fits-all solutions, especially since we work across diverse sectors, including banking and insurance, e-commerce, automotive, and pharmaceuticals. Each of these industries has its specific requirements and challenges.

The next step involves creating a proof of concept (PoC). We carefully analyze the problem statement and provide tailored QA services. This often brings us into contact with cutting-edge technology from our clients, as exemplified by our IoT insurance case.

Then, the execution of the actual project begins. We collaborate closely with the client’s development team, swiftly implementing our test automation processes to generate fast feedback loops toward development.

As a final step, we emphasize aftercare. To ensure that developers are not left on their own at the end of a project, we ensure a robust knowledge transfer. We complement this by training individuals internally at our client’s organization, enabling them to independently continue the test automation processes successfully.

One of Refleqt’s major strengths is our strong belief in language and tool independence. We firmly believe that quality should be accessible to everyone, from startups to multinational corporations. Therefore, we provide tailor-made testing solutions that align with the specific needs and scale of each company.

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