Functional analysis

At Refleqt, we specialize in everything needed to implement continuous delivery. Our strength? Automated quality.

Why functional analysis is a must

If you are building a new feature or application, a functional analyst is an absolute must-have. Functional analysis ensures a structured project and a clear picture of what and how to build. Functional analysis forms the foundation of first time right successes.

The tasks of a functional analyst

  • We find out and specify the business needs.
  • We map the processes and requirements in a way that is clear to the customer and stakeholders as well as the development team.
  • We define interdependencies and avoid bottlenecks.
  • We prioritize the desired features so that they can be tackled according to an Agile working methodology.
  • We monitor the quality of the product and ensure that our knowledge is passed on correctly afterwards.
  • We are a logical point of contact because of our detailed knowledge of the entire project. We answer questions from different directions.

The bridge between business and IT

A functional analyst reflects the picture of your business processes and business needs. We provide peace of mind for all parties involved. We remain the product oracle throughout the development process and ultimately ensure that your application does what it should.

Our approach

Analysis is typically always one iteration ahead of development. So there is a need to map out what needs to be developed in advance. We always start from the goal of delivering quality software. We therefore work closely with our other colleagues at Refleqt, specialists in quality assurance and test-automation.

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