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At Refleqt, we specialize in everything needed to implement continuous delivery. Our strength? Automated quality.

Performance Testing

Your pillar of strength.

To guarantee a smooth go-live of new platforms, to ensure uptime in case of extra load or drastic platform expansions, when you want to roll out your platform internationally, when you want to implement updates or upgrades without disturbing the end user.

Depending on your request, we will prepare a test script. We can also develop specific test scripts. Think of testings concerning UX-performance, network…

We bring routine in running tests that provide feedback so that the development team can optimize. This is a cyclical process.

  • We deploy Load Testing to determine the behavior of an application both under normal conditions and increased load.
  • We perform stress testing to define the maximum operational capacity and determine where there might be bottlenecks.
  • Spike testing to determine the recovery time after a peak in load.
  • Endurance testing looks at whether your application can handle an extended load without negative influences on response time.
  • Trend monitoring means that throughout the development we check if performance remains stable to avoid duplicate development work.
  • Scalability testing allows us to discover when to upscale or downscale.
  • Need something custom made to test your specific situation? Then we just build it.

We audit – we boost you

You want to speed up the launch of new applications? You want to get rid of quality issues in your current development process? Quality Assurance costs are rising?

We base ourselves on a demo of your current application. We have a specific picture of the organizational & architectural landscape. Depending on the architecture, it becomes clear to us which organizational roles we need to engage with.

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